This Week In God

Colbert activating the God Machine

As of now, I have nothing for this page. However, if any of the following become known to me, I will post them here.

  • Acts of God
  • Controversy about God
  • Someone claiming to be God
  • Anything else involving God

From what I’ve posted, I think the second point may be discussed a lot.

The random thoughts I’ve had recently:

  1. This new “moment of silence” we’re supposed to have. How long should a “moment” be? What do we do? Are we supposed to do something like praying?
  2. Also, the Pledge of Allegiance. According to Wikipedia, the words “under God” have been in the Pledge since 1954. And, to this day, we still can’t figure out if it should stay or go.
  3. Any athlete that praises God. C’mon. Are you telling me that every athlete who does that clap and point to the sky thing, or does the sign of the cross before shooting free throws, or (insert other act of praising God here) is actually religious?
  4. Stereotypes of religions. Not all Jews are not schlemiels. Not all Mormons will come to your door and sell you their Bible.

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